About Us

At ABS Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., excellence is our priority and our exceptional staff, both onshore and at sea strives to provide our clients with optimal services, by setting the highest standards for Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental Protection and Energy Management.

ABS Marine Services was founded in 1992 by Capt. P.B. Narayanan and has ever since actively advanced the agenda of sustainable and quality practices in the shipping industry.


Det Norske Veritas

ISO 9001:2008 since 1998

Indian Administration

Document of Compliance

  • Other Cargo Ship since 2001
  • Passenger Ship since 2010

RPS Licence since 2005

MLC compliant since 2013

Commonwealth of Dominica

Document of Compliance

  • Other Cargo Ship since 2008

Registered and Incorporated in Chennai, ABS Marine Services has an international presence and we deliver our services through offices strategically positioned in Mumbai, Kochi, Port Blair, Singapore & affiliate offices in London, Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Our regional offices provide valuable local knowledge that is essential to operate with maximum efficiency at an international level. This has proved especially important when conducting negotiations with foreign businesses & dealing with various regulatory frameworks.


To be acknowledged by all customers as a supplier of safe, high quality & reliable vessel services.


Our shared core values indicate what is important to us as we conduct our business. Consistency in our interaction with customers guarantees that our core values are not mere statements of intent.

Our value system comprises :


    We are committed to an incident free workplace, everyday, everywhere. We continue to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment & ensure that everyone gets home safely.


    We apply the highest ethical standards in everything that we do. We believe that by treating our Principals with fairness, honesty & respect, we earn their trust and build sustainable success together.


    We believe in hands on execution by every employee on the field.


    Our competitive advantage is based on continuous enhancement of our processes & innovative solutions to technical challenges thereby creating value for customers.


    To work worldwide in partnership with our clients meeting their requirements through innovative, reliable & cost effective methods, bearing in mind the time & budget factors.

  • “Know the business and what it takes to make it successful”