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ABS Marine Services Limited.

Global Solutions for the Shipping World

Performance and positive results are possible by synergizing creative freedom and professionalism. At ABS Marine Services Limited., excellence is our priority. With minimal response time, we are resolute in our efforts to be a full-service partner to maritime organisations.

Our creativity and initiative make us stand out. We strive to provide our clients with optimal services, by setting the highest standards for Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental Protection and Energy Management.

As a ship management and ship owning company, we aim to provide sustainable, quality and economical services to the Shipping Industry.

What We Offer

Ship Management

Involved in third party management for over three decades, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and energy conservation both onboard and ashore.

Ship Owning

Eveready to face the dynamic future, we have shown a steadfast resilience in ship owning which remains till today one of our core businesses.

Marine Services

Navigating excellence across the maritime spectrum we provide myriad services that suit the needs of the shipping industry.

Port Services

Our expertise in providing fire safety services and security patrols to various ports across the country is exceptional.


ISO 9001:2015


RPS / MLC License No: RPSL-MUM-002


Document of Compliance
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