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Marine Services


Our direct and close contact with ship owners and charters around the world is essential to our pursuit in fixing the right vessel in the right place at a competitive price. Our multi-lingual team is qualified in chartering operations and brings to the fore 25 years of professional experience in the ocean transportation industry. Our goal is to maximize vessel utilization by covering various modes of vessel employment from bareboat and time charters to spot or period employment.

We have been active in chartering Offshore Vessels for various projects in the Arabian Gulf and around the Indian Coast. We have also been involved in chartering Tankers and Bulk Carriers for various clientele.

Ship Inspections, Survey & Certificate Liasoning

Our vast experience in the Shipping Industry enables us to provide an economical comprehensive package that includes the following:

New Build Supervision

We have analyzed new building and conversion scenarios for various trades, especially for companies entering or expanding in offshore business. Our supervisory and consultancy service encompasses all aspects of a ship building cycle from shipyard evaluation, through testing and commissioning.

We monitor and manage every aspect from steel cutting to delivery. Our forte lies in documenting minute details including evaluation on variation to specifications or plans and the ability to negotiate cost changes as agreed with Owners.

Agency Liasoning

Our agency services cover every vessel requirement around the clock for any type of port call or cargo in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Mauritius. Our excellent relations with Suppliers, Port and Immigration authorities together with a thorough understanding of local laws and practices ensure vessels and cargo spend minimum time in port.

We have the expertise to handle Bulk Carriers, Crude, Product, Gas, Chemical Tankers, Offshore Vessels, Specialized Vessels viz., Tugs, Dredgers, Survey and Research Vessels, Heavy Lift Vessels, Naval Vessels and Passenger Vessels. We have a dedicated team specializing in maritime accounting and finance to check disbursement accounts and port cost calculations.

Our full service attributes include the following activities

Ship Sale & Purchase

Owing to the deep understanding of technical as well as commercial aspects of the industry, ABS Marine enjoys an excellent business relationship with a large number of owners, charterers, shipbrokers, banks and shipyards. We not only focus on the main transaction of sale, but also provide an excellent and devoted post-sale service to our clientele. We offer a comprehensive range of services:

Dry Dock Service

We take pride in being able to manage the multiple facets of a dry-dock. Our highly experienced team of professionals with international consulting experience offers a bouquet of services that include:

Single Point Mooring Services

We specialize in Single Point Mooring (SPM) services, facilitating the handling of liquid cargo for tanker ships offshore. They excel in inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) of SPM facilities, ensuring reliability, availability, and Class certification retention. Their services cover operations & maintenance, hose management, emergency pipeline repairs, and interface management, providing comprehensive solutions for tanker operations.

Wreck Removal

Our first major wreck removal was successfully carried out by bringing together expert personnel and salvage teams together with specialized equipment and the necessary experience. As is the case with most wreck removals, this job was fraught with environmental and technical challenges.

Ocean Towage

Our International network of Towage Intermediaries, Tug Owners and Salvage experts offer the most economical and technical solution to clients’ towage needs. Our technical team assists in preparing suitable tow plans, obtaining authoritative approvals, facilitating warranty surveys and inspections and equipping the vessel for voyage. We have successfully completed numerous Ocean Towage Contracts involving large Barges, Oil Platforms, Vessels and Floating Cranes from Abu Dhabi, Australia and Singapore to India.

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